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Endodontics in LaSalle

Your teeth contain soft inner tissue called the pulp. This bundle of nerves and blood vessels helps you sense hot and cold and played a vital role when your teeth were developing. If a tooth is damaged by decay or injury, the pulp can become exposed to bacteria and an infection can occur. In these cases we use root canal treatment to save the damaged tooth.

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What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of the pulp from an injured tooth to prevent infection. We drill a hole in the damaged tooth, remove the pulp from inside the tooth, and then clean the area to prevent infection. After the procedure is completed, we seal the tooth with a filling and restore it with a dental crown.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Modern root canal treatments are done using a local anesthetic. The procedure is usually no more painful than getting a tooth filled.

Contact us today if you’ve injured a tooth or if you are suffering from an intense toothache.

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